Azerbaijan has a very ancient history of folk dances. Dance scenes reflected in Gobustan rock paintings prove it. As in most peoples of the world, the first dances in Azerbaijan were ritual and hunting dances.

From the early Middle Ages, various types of folk dances began to take shape, mainly from ceremonial dances.

Azerbaijani folk dances are colorful in terms of themes; they are divided into these types – labor, ceremonies, household, heroism, sports, choreography (for example, “Yalli”, “Halay”), etc. The wedding ceremony is the most important due to its duration, richness and variety of rituals.

Azerbaijani folk dance, as a rule, consists of 3 parts: the first part is fast, circle dance; the second part is lyrical; in the third part – again dancing in a circle, characterized by speed, solemnity and great emotional excitement. Women’s and men’s dances are very different. The development of women’s dance was conditioned by the costume: a long skirt defined the smooth movement of the legs, all the dancers’ attention was focused on the developed techniques of the hands and upper body (shoulders, head, facial expressions, etc.). The main feature of men’s dance is the technique of the legs. The dancer agilely stands on his toes, quickly descends to his knees, and so on.

The musical volume of Azerbaijani dances is 6/8 and 3/4. Dances are usually performed by a trio of trumpeters (2 trumpets and 1 drum), a trio of musicians (tar, kamancha, tambourine) and so on. is performed with accompaniment.


The most common national dances are:

  1. Abayi
  2. Alchagulu
  3. Asma Kasma
  4. Asta Garabaghi
  5. Avari
  6. Ay bari bakh
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Banovsha
  9. Birilliant
  10. Chalpapag
  11. Chamish baga girdi
  12. Chattadi
  13. Cahribayim
  14. Cangi
  15. Ceyrani
  16. Chit tuman
  17. Darchini
  18. Dartma, yakham cirildi
  19. Dasmali
  20. Anzali
  21. Galin atlandi
  22. Galin gatirma
  23. Galin havasi
  24. Gulgəz (rəqs)
  25. Gulməyi
  26. Heyvagulu
  27. İki arvadli
  28. İnnabi
  29. Kechi mamasi
  30. Kandiri
  31. Kəsmə
  32. Koroglu
  33. Koroglunun qaytarmasi
  34. Lala
  35. Mirvari
  36. Mirzayi
  37. Misri
  38. Muchassima
  39. Naznazi
  40. Pahlavani
  41. Gaytagi
  42. Gazagi
  43. Gitgilda
  44. Rose
  45. Gizlar bulagı
  46. Goçəli
  47. Gofta
  48. Rangi
  49. Shahsevəni
  50. Shalaxo
  51. Samux
  52. Saribash
  53. Shaki
  54. Samani
  55. Tamara
  56. Tarakama
  57. Wedding dance
  58. Turaci
  59. Uch badam, bir goz
  60. Uzundara
  61. Vagzalı
  62. Velachola
  63. Xalabacı
  64. Xanchobani
  65. Yalli
  66. Local Dance
  67. Yuz bir
  68. Zogali